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Correspondence related to bar-headed goose -- 1990-1999




i) From Manideep Raj on the total number of geese wintering in Assam; ii)From Jianjian Lu on information on Anser indicus in China; iii) From Eugeny Syroechkovski Jr asking Gole to join the Geese Study Group of Eastern Europe and North Asia; iv) From Anwaruddin Choudhary on sending an article for the Journal of Pune Ecological Society about the bar-headed goose; v) From Rajiv Saxena Regarding clarifications about an article titled "The Elusive Barheaded Goose" in Journal of Ecological Society- attached is Saxena's notes; vi) From Gopal Thosar to Yogesh Dubey copied to Prakash Gole about the sighting of bar-headed goose in Tadoba; vii) From Raju Kasambe informing about the count of common and demoiselle cranes.


5 February 1991, 15 March 1991, 12 January 1997, 24 April 1997 , 14 February 1998, 16 July 1998, undated


Prakash Gole Papers


Series 2: Research Projects


Sub-Series 1: Bar Headed Goose

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