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Sridhar, S. (1994)




Correspondence between Sridhar and Pittie on various transactions and editorial business of the Newsletter for Birdwatchers. Includes payments for NLBW; delivery of NLBW issues and other books (Birds of Rishi Valley and Renewal of their Habitats by S. Rangaswami & S. Sridhar; Nomenclature to Mr Poddar (Pittie's father-in-law); forwarding of proofs to Pittie; and provision of corrected proofs, indexes and writings by Pittie. Also includes letter from Futehally to Sridhar sending paper clarifying changes to Nomenclature. Also includes two letters pertaining to Ornithological Society of India business - one from Pittie mailing S.A. Husain's contirbution to Sridhar; and one from Sridhar in regard to his thoughts on OSI matters and position of the NLBW.


18 February 1994, 28 February 1994, 1 March 1994, 13 March 1994, 16 March 1994, 21 March 1994, 17 August 1994, (receipt dated 31 August 1994), 31 August 1994, 2 September 1994, 20 December 1994, 29 December 1994.


Aasheesh Pittie Papers


Series 1: Zafar Futehally Correspondence


Sub-Series 1: Correspondence related to the Newsletter for Birdwatchers

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