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Ganeshaiah, K. N.




i.The 1995 letters to N V Joshi request him to develop a scenario report related to the state of agriculture by 2020 ii. The 1998 letter to N V Joshi had a brochure related to the Biligiriranga Tiger Reserve iii. The 1993 letter to N V Joshi informs him about him being the additional member for qualifying viva-voice for one of Ganeshsiah's students. Enclosed is a list of courses undergone by the student in Ph.D. degree iv. The 1994 letter to Devi Prasad is a reply to an invitation for a lecture that he received v. Letter to N V Joshi regarding brochure on BRT Sanctuary.


1 April 1993, 18 August 1994, 25 February 1995,5 May 1995, 20 May 1995, 2 June 1995, 12 November 1998.


N V Joshi Papers


Series 1: Correspondence


Sub-Series 3: 1990 to 1999

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