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Contains invitation cards and letters sent to N V Joshi for the following events: i. ICRISAT Preplanning and Sorghum Modeling meetings. ii. Indo-Soviet Workshop on "DNA-Protein Interaction and Crosslinking". iii. Public lecture on "Earthquake Hazards to Sensitive Structures in the Himalaya and Peninsular India". iv. Refresher Course in Chemistry for Engineering College Teachers v. Eight Kumari L A Meera Memorial Lecture vi. One-day seminar on "Castes in Southern India: Contemporary Debates" vii. XVII International Symposium on Glycoconjugates. viii. Discussion meeting on "Expanding/Broadening the scope of ASTRA and a possible new banner'. ix. International Conference for Nonlinear Phenomena x. Seminar on "Science, Technology and Development" xi. 19th J N Tata Lecture xii. IISc Centenary Conference xiii. Photography Exhibition on Wildlife xiv. Sixth New India Lecture xv. National Conference on Conservation of Biology


12 November 1982, 21 March 1990, 6 November 1992, 8 November 1992, 31 October 1993, 22 July 1994, 12 May 1995, 2 December 1999, 10 March 2001, 17 December 2002, 12 January 2003, 8 August 2003, 13 August 2003, 6 January 2004, 28 October 2005, 19 February 2006, 22 February 2006, 13 December 2008, 25 September 2009, 9 December 2009, 18 May 2010, 4 June 2010, 1 August 2010, 18 August 2010, 20 November 2010, 13 December 2010


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