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Talwani, Pradeep




The 1988 letter to Kusala answers questions related to PhD application at the University of South Carolina, research grant for C P Rajendran, problems related to DST, tips for filling up the PhD application. Mentions Bob Thunnel and H M Iyer. The 1993 letter to Kusala, C P Rajendran, and Appu congratulates Kusala for the publication of her paper in GRL. Also talks about Idipi, New Madrid, and Kutch earthquake research proposals. Mentions Harsh Gupta and Maheshwari. The undated fax is addressed to Pradeep Talwani and Tom, and conveys information about the science congress. Mentions a request recommendation letter for Kusala's application at Cochin University of Science and Technology and an acceptance letter for an abstract sent by C P Rajendran. Mentions R H Sibson, Harsh Gupta, Maheshwari, and Lynn.


24 January 1988, 20 August 1993 Undated


C P Rajendran and Kusala Rajendran Papers


Series 1: Correspondence


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