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Current Science




Letters to N V Joshi asking for comments on the suitability of publication in Current Science and the manuscripts to review. The manuscripts to be reviewed are: i. The Dilemma of Influenza by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. ii. Mapping agricultural research in India: A profile based on CAB Abstracts 1998 by S Arunachalam and K Umarani (copy not enclosed). iii. A scientific method for the computation of target scores in interrupted limited over cricket matches by V Jayadevan (copy not enclosed)- 2 letters. iv. Methodological considerations in measurement of dominance in primates by Mewa Singh et al (copy not enclosed). v. The false "Ortega Hypothesis": Falsification, Indexed Influence and Reception by Endre Szava-Kovats - Garfield's comment on it and a note to N V Joshi asking him to review it. vi. Higher Education in a catatonic state? by V Sitaramam. vii. Is the fertility status of agricultural soils of India going down over the years? by H. Pathak et al (copy not enclosed). It also includes communication from Gayathri and Anil on the submissions to Current Science.


1 February 2000, 31 August 2000, 17 July 2001, 22 June 2002, 9 August 2002, 22 August 2002, 18 January 2003, 2 January 2004, 13 February 2004, 14 March 2007, 2 January 2009.


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