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Handwritten Notes by N V Joshi -- 1990 to 1999 (Part 3/7)




Contains the following handwritten notes by N V Joshi: i. A 6-page note on Peste des petites ruminant virus (PPR). ii. A 1-page note on Rhesus and Hanuman Langur data. iii. A 2-page note on statistical functions for traits of communities. iv. A 1-page note related to some readings. v. A 3-page note on Rinderpest epidemic modelling. vi. A 1-page note related to the analysis of rainfall data. vii. A 1-page note related to the C N R Rao Colloquium viii. A 2-page note with details related to the "First World Congress on Computational Medicine, Public Health and Biotechnology". ix. A 1-page note related to computer programs. x. A 3-page note with questions about PPR and Rinderpest. xi. A 6-page note with pointers from articles related to Rinderpest and PPR. xii. A 10-page note with figures, points, and data for a modeling of Rinderpest and PPR virus. xiii. A 3-page note for the CES annual report on the PPR virus. xiv. A 2-page note related to a possible publication on PPR virus and mathematical modeling. xv. 2 handwritten notices related to CES servers. xvi. A 2-page note related to the modeling of a disease. xvii. A 3-page note related to the ANOVA test xviii. A 2-page note about quantitative techniques for ecological studies. xix. A 1-page note related to "Tree mortality in a 50 Ha plot". xx. A 1-page note about statistics. xxi. A 2-page list of people for a study at the Kalakad-Mundanthurai tiger reserve. xxii. A 2-page note related to birds and fishes xxiii. A 1-page note about questions related to botany, zoology, and ecology.


4 April 1991, 4 February 1992, 12 October 1992, January 1993, 1 August 1993, 16 August 1993, 5 October 1993, 27 October 1993, 6 December 1993, 24 February 1994, 1 March 1994, 15 April 1994, 13 November 1994, 15 November 1994, 8 March 1995, 11 March 1995, 25 November 1995, 5 May 1996, 5 June 1997, 14 June 1997, 14 November 1997, 3 February 1998, 7 October 1998, 16 October 1998


N V Joshi Papers


Series 2: Research and Administration


Sub-Series 6: Notes and Data

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