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Miscellaneous media clippings on Carl D'Silva for Miriam and Aisha




Consists of a letter by D'Silva to Miriam and Aisha dated 31 July 2013, enclosing clippings of various profiles of Carl D'Silva in publications, noting 'V.C. Nadkarni's of 1998 is best'. These include: 'Hooked to Nature', Bombay Notebook Column, Indian Express; 'Nawab of Nature' by Chitra Rao in the Weekly SUN; 'Wildlife in art exhibition' in the Navhind Times; 'BirdWatch' by Lloyd Rodricks in The Navhind Times Sunday Magazine (Zest); 'Capturing wildlife for posterity' by Susan Fernandes, Herald - The Illustrated Review; 'Catching jungle tales on canvas' by Vithal C. Nadkarni in the Sunday Times of India; 'Creativity in wildlife art is imperative for success' Tuesday Interviewby Gaurang R. Ballwally in the Afternoon Despatch & Courier; 'Wild men and wilder animals' in the Bombay Times, Times of India; 'After close 'brush' with rhinos, artist captures wildlife on canvas' in The Asian Age; 'After Mumbai, exhibition on Houses of Goa goes to Delhi' in the Navhind Times; 'Art for the bird's sake' by Frederick Noronha in Herald Insight; 'Enjoy the after-sundown Saturday shopping fiesta' in the Asian Age; 'Wild Strokes' by Glacxy Fernandes in Navhind Times; A Table for Two feature in the Weekender Magazine by Reema Kamat; 'Reproducing Wildlife's Wonder through Paintings' by Dolcy D'Cruz in The Herald Goa; Bird watching Paintings of Andaman Islands, in the Goa's Hearbeat section of the Goa Herald; 'Taking wings at the Campal Creek', in The Herald Goa.


1987 - 2014


Carl D’Silva Papers


Series 3: Biographical and personal material


Sub-Series 1: Media clippings related to Carl D'Silva

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