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Bhabha, Homi




Comments regarding evaluation of a thesis by Mukherji, asks for news about Bhabha's appointment to Calcutta University; discussion of paper proofs and errata sent to M.E. Venkatachari (?), mentions a letter from Wolfgang Pauli, on the reduction of the Dirac equation to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation, says he will be in Bangalore in June; communicates correction to expression in paper, sends to Madhavarao thanks for seeing him off, together with C.V. Raman; sends corrections to mistakes in paper on mesons; communicates further corrections to the returned proofs, requests a further set of proofs; notes having posted corrections to Bhabha and Madhavarao's coauthored paper, notes receipt of a second letter from Wolfgang Pauli, Bhabha mentions his dissatisfaction with Pauli's solution and suggests Madhavarao attempt the problem; discussion on work with Max Born about the relationship between electron negative energy states and the calculation of second-order self-energy, asks Madhavarao to confirm the hypothesis, suggests getting in contact with Born, at the Indian Institute of Science.


18 May 1940, 27 May 1940, 2 December 1940,14 December 1940, 24 January 1941, 24 January 1941, 10 November 1941


BS Madhava Rao Papers


Series 1: Correspondence


Sub-Series 4 : 1940-1949

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