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Correspondence to Prakash Gole -- related to sarus cranes -- 1980-1989




i)From J H Sankhe Regarding proposed visit of Prakash Gole to Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary of this Division; ii) From B Majumdar to the Chief Wildlife and Forest Secretaries copied to Prakash Gole Regarding a research project entitled "Status Survey of Sarus Crane and an investigation into its ecological requirements"; iii) From Office of the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Akola Division Regarding proposed visit to Sanctuaries and National Parks of Maharashtra; iv) From Khan Muhammad Khan to Dr Steven E Landfried on migration of cranes; v)From B Majumdar Regarding a survey of Sarus Cranes- enclosed extract from minutes for the 15th Annual General Body Meeting of the Assam Wildlife Society; vi)From Bharat Bhushan Regarding handwritten comments on his letter and developments on publishing the technical report; vii) From Bharatsingh Regarding his inability to attend Crane workshop in Pune; viii) From Asad Regarding the latest issue of the journal which carries their article; ix) From Anwarkhan Babi on joining Gole for a survey of Sarus Cranes- enclosed is spot cenci figures on the Grus grus and A. virgo. x) From Ranjitsinh (Additional Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests) asking for three more copies of the report on 1st phase of Sarus Project.


1 November 1988, 3 November 1988, 3 November 1988, 26 November 1988, 2 December 1988, 28 December 1988, 29 December 1988, 6 January 1989, 12 January 1989, 11 August 1989


Prakash Gole Papers


Series 2: Research Projects


Sub-Series 7: Sarus Crane

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