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Singh, K. S. (Anthropological Survey of India)




Letters to N V Joshi regarding the People of India project: i.regarding a note on methodology and questions and answers at the workshop in Bangalore. ii. Regarding the possibility of giving the occupation-wise data in terms of traditional, current, and newly acquired occupations for 4635 communities. iii. Regarding the occupation-wise list of communities and analysis of computer data for 1026 OBC communities. iv. Regarding the need for more information like communities that follow polyandry and communities across the state for which occupation was not mentioned. Enclosed is a list of items required for merging data for maps. v. Regarding data available at CES being shown to scientists and other scholars. vi. Regarding the computer material on Delhi and Sikkim. vii. Regarding a set of publications for the Library of the Centre for Ecological Sciences as part of the collaboration agreement. viii. Regarding the progress made in the analyses of data. ix. Regarding further data analyses on the sharing of traits within a community and between communities. Enclosed is a tentative format for the analysis of data mentioned. x. A note forwarded to K S Singh on the additional programmes included in the second year of collaborative research.


18 March 1992, 3 July 1992, 21 April 1992, 23 October 1992, 14 January 1993,24 May 1993, 28 September 1994, 28 September 1994, 14 March 1996, undated.


N V Joshi Papers


Series 1: Correspondence


Sub-Series 3: 1990 to 1999

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