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Research Publications -- 1992




Contains reprints of the following articles: i. "Long-Term Monitoring of Vegetation in a Tropical Deciduous Forest in Mudumalai, Southern India" by R Sukumar, H S Dattaraja, H S Suresh, J Radhakrishnan, R Vasudeva, S Nirmala and N V Joshi in Current Science, Volume 62, Issue 9. ii. "On the Relationship between Bird and Woody Plant Species Diversity in the Uttara Kannada District of South India" by R J Ranjit Daniels, N V Joshi and Madhav Gadgil in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 89, Issue 12. iii. "Sibling Rivalry between Seeds within a Fruit: Some Population Genetic Models" by N V Joshi in Journal of Genetics, Volume 71, Issue 3.


10 May 1992, June 15 1992, December 1992


N V Joshi Papers


Series 2: Research and Administration


Sub-Series 1: N V Joshi's Research Publications

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