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Bulletins and Newsletters -- IISc




Contains the following: i. Volume 2 (Issue 2) of the "Science Circle Bulletin" titled "Ideology and Science". ii. 2 issues of the "Yellow Magazine" iii. An issue of "DRAG". iv. A "Algorithm Seminar" note and the first issue of "Creative Computing Chronicle" by the School of Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Now called the Department of Computer Science and Automation) v. "de QUORUM", an annual issue of "DRAG". vi. 3 Issues of the "Bulletin of Sciences" titled "Appropriate Technology", "Water" and, "Drought" vii. An issue of the newsletter of the Alumni Association, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. viii. 4 issues of "Voices", the student's magazine of IISc.


March 1980, 22 December 1980, 29 December 1980, April 1983, 17 September 1983, November 1983, July-August 1984, December 1984-January 1985, March-April 1987, March 1994, February 2003, December 2006, September 2009, November 2009


N V Joshi Papers


Series 3: Personal and Ephemera


Sub-Series 2: Ephemera

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