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Naisargik aranya nirmiticha prayog panshetjaval suru




Press release (Marathi) and English by Mr. L.G. Rajwade and Mr. Prakash Gole: ongoing work by the Ecological Society near Panshet dam which is successful forest restoration (includes local species (ain, kinjal, hirda, behda, aasana, toran, anjani, kumbh, bamboo, saag, subabhool, fodder species) of grasses, trees, medicianl plants, seed dispersal by birds, squirrels and bats)) on rocky and eroded soil, wetland development scheme, support from central and state government, formation of bird sanctuary on bank of Ujani dam, but there was a rumour that government will take over the private lands that come under the sanctuary so there was protest against the sanctuary, support by the Irrigation department of Govt of Maharashtra, social and ecological surveys conducted by the society, mentions that they had to stop this work due to agitation against sanctuary, mentions successful projects like this benifitting both birds and humans in Arunachal Pradesh and Himalaya.




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Sub-Series 2: Marathi

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