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Research Publications -- 1993




Contains reprints of the following: i. An article titled "Exploring Cultural Diversity of the People of India" by N V Joshi, Madhav Gadgil, and Suresh Patil in Current Science, Volume 64, Issue 1. ii. An article titled "Tiger Census: Role of Quantification" by A P Gore, S A Paranjpe, Geeta Rajgopalan, A V Kharshikar; N V Joshi; M G Watve, and M G Gogate in Current Science, Volume 64, Issue 10. iii. Two book reviews by N V Joshi in Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, Volume 73 iv. An article titled "Logic of the Genetic Code: Conservation of Long-Range Interactions among Amino Acids as a Prime Factor" by N V Joshi, Vivek V Korde, and V Sitaramam in Journal of Genetics, Volume 72, Issue 2 & 3.


10 January 1993, 25 May 1993, September-October 1993, November-December 1993, December 1993


N V Joshi Papers


Series 2: Research and Administration


Sub-Series 1: N V Joshi's Research Publications

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